A little bit of shameless self promotion...

I'm a recent Masters graduate in history from the University of Auckland, and luckily I have a full time job now. That means I am no longer supporting myself through freelance writing like I was, but still like to write in my spare time and am always looking for writing opportunities.  Most recently I have been a regular feature writer for Craccum Magazine, and a pop culture contributor for WhatCulture.  I've also written for Cracked.com and for all kinds of political sites in New Zealand. Basically, I like writing anything that isn't fiction.

The best work I have done, and the work I am most interested in is looking at the political and social ramifications of everyday groups of people, and events that appear to be banal on the surface.  I've written about gay rugby, online misogyny, suicidal environmental cults, and abstinence only education in New Zealand, amongst many other issues. I have always tried to frame these issues through a lens that examines our society as a whole so that we can learn more about our communities and our culture.

You might have guessed that there is a bit of a lefty bent to my writing.  If so, you have guessed right - I am irredeemably left wing, sorry.  But I'm not a politician or interested in the bullshit that comes with writing about political talking points as there is enough 'us vs them' narratives in the world today.  I like people and I like trying to bust false perceptions more than political point scoring.

Also, I love sports. Like probably more than most things, and definitely more than any self respecting adult should.

That's about it I think.  This already sounds egomaniacal enough as it is.  If you would like to get in touch please don't hesitate.